Workers Compensation
(Ohio members)

Controlling expenses is something businesses strive to do.  One way to control business expenses is to be enrolled in a Workers’ Compensation Group Rating program.  BMSA members who have participated in our Group Rating Program have saved over 34 million dollars since the inception of the Association’s program.

Ohio is one of only a few states in the country with a state-run workers compensation system.  Nearly 20 years ago, the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation allowed employers with better-than-average claim histories to join together through a sponsoring association/organization.  By participating in such a program, employers potentially may enjoy lower premium rates than they could attain on their own.  

BMSA accepts enrollment in our Group Rating Program each year.  Application and savings analysis are done through our third-party administrator, Segwick, formerly CareWorksComp.  For more information about reducing your workers compensation premiums through participation in BMSA’s Group Rating Program, contact the BMSA office or click on the links below:

Safety Accountability Letter