Photo of Federated Mutual Insurance Company

Federated Mutual Insurance Company

Jon W. Medo Field Manager
Allen Burns Marketing Rep - TN
Amir Madani Marketing Representative
Becky Rauen Senior VP - Director of Marketing
Branden Price Marketing Rep - NC
Casey Homuth-Knudson ARMS Administrative Assistant 1, Billing Contact
Colt Pettit District Mgr - OH
Dan Horecka Regional Marketing Manager
Daniel Dowdy District Marketing Manager-NC
Danielle Mechura Print Media Coordinator
Donald Jones Sr. Marketing Rep - SC
Donny Wilson Marketing Rep - NC
Drew Wessels SR. Marketing Rep - NC
Dustin Hudson Marketing Rep - NC
Jake Dean District Mgr - NC
Jeffrey Hawkins Marketing Rep - SC
Jonathan Anderson Marketing Rep - TN
Manuel Vazquez-Ederra District Mgr - VA
Michael G. Kerr President and CEO
Molly Liverseed ARMS Communications Specialist
Nate Hoyle District Mgr - OH
Nate Sipp Senior Marketing Representative
Nick Lower President & CEO
Nick Powell Marketing Rep - TN
Scott Clark Sr. Marketing Rep - NC
Tony Giannini Marketing Representative
Travis Woods District Mgr - SC
Zac Hanus Marketing Representative
Zach Ours Account Executive
Zach Wood Marketing Rep - NC
BMSA Logo Associate Member