Peer Roundtables

Interested in improving your business by learning and sharing with others facing the same challenge?

BMSA roundtables are groups of non-competing members who meet regularly to discuss a variety of topics related to our industry. They generally meet twice-yearly, set their own meeting agenda and are able to help each other grow and find solutions to common issues.

Owner/Executive Roundtables:

The cornerstone of our roundtable program is the owner/executive roundtable. By assembling groups of non-competing companies, BMSA allows owners to have a safe space to analyze key financial indicators that are crucial to the success of their businesses. These facilitated discussions provide participants with useful benchmarks for growth.

Installed Sales Roundtables:

The unique challenge of installed sales is that customers must believe that your company will not only execute a fair transaction, but that they can trust that the products will be installed properly and on time. Installed Sales Managers gather to learn how to excel on all these important fronts.

CFO Roundtable:

Designed for Chief Financial Officers and those with financial responsibility, roundtable members can earn up to 12 hours of continuing education credit.

Operations Manager Roundtables:

These roundtables encompass topics that involve day-to-day operations of running a business in the lumber and building material industry. Whether discussing incentive plans, use of technology, load checking or fleet management, this group provides insights into the LBM industry’s best operational ideas and practices.

Purchasing Manager Roundtables:

Designed specifically for managers tasked with purchasing function in their companies, these roundtables cover topics ranging from special order buying to hedging and basis trading. By learning from others with similar job functions and challenges, participants can further develop the skills needed to help enhance the bottom line in their operations.

Leadership Development Roundtables:

This roundtable is a 3-year set curriculum and meets twice a year. It is designed for those persons who are to be groomed to assume greater levels of responsibility at their companies.

What do current roundtable participants have to say?
  • John C. Siewers, III
    In our BMSA roundtable we are able to discuss issues that affect our business with both a seasoned facilitator and a group of like-minded companies. Our group discusses practical topics that hit on all areas of our industry from hiring practices to margin management. I leave each session with new ideas to implement and look forward to the next meeting to talk about our progress. I’ve also gained friends and colleagues that I can reach out to anytime. Participating in the roundtable has directly benefitted our company and me personally.
    John C. Siewers, III
    Siewers Lumber & Millwork
  • Tim Harmeyer
    I originally joined the CFO Roundtable as a way to benchmark ourselves against other pro yards since we are privately held. While this continues to be a benefit of the group, we have gained so much more through best practice sharing – and also ideas to avoid. Our group is open and honest with each other, and we provide constructive improvement ideas when we tour each other’s facilities. I would highly recommend a BMSA roundtable group to anyone interested in improving their business.
    Tim Harmeyer
    Beisser Lumber

If you are interested in joining a BMSA Roundtable group, call the office at (800) 849-1503.